The dolls

Two dolls he had before him, and held he them dear.. Special were the dolls too.. Beautiful eyes,smiling cheeks, Giving away the joy everyone seeked. Good were the days, all said… Yet, troubled was ‘he’ Why,you ask..? Well, There were no villains in the town.. No murderers, no kidnappers, none of such sorts. In his […]

The Wall

It’s always great to have a wall. Have you got a problem? ? Good. Get a wall built around you today..hurry!! Are you wondering what is so great about the walls ?¬†you are in for a treat then,folks….WALLS..!! Here are some advantages of a wall: 1.You can go sit on it. 2.You can practice your […]

Into the jungle…

On the road,walked he.. into the jungle,unaware he be. Berry bushes,wild flowers.. and the trees laden with bees. The bees saw him,and he saw them. Then the bees buzzed and so did he. With a glee,began the man,a story for the queen bee. A mistake it is,he said,a bee not having a human friend. Lets […]


‘Instantly was it made..along with everything else,yet there it remains now lifeless on the floor,shattered into countless shells..’ Handling a bowlful of hott ‘maggi’ noodles properly,is not a layman’s trick,it has dawned on me today..the degree of care and love your hands put through to achieve the ultimate numbness, gets reciprocated by the container of […]

The first one..

So here I am..writing the first one of many…From an early age,it has always been a practice of mine to have a script ready before presenting it to the audience..I could never pull off an improv…for a speech on ‘my favorite animal’,I used to have 2-3 drafts.It seemed impossible to decide between a tiger and […]